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The Story of Felicia Day Boyfriend

Did you watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Then you probably know Felicia Day, or Vi, and you cannot simply not like her. If you are curious what is she doing these days, you should know she is happy. Felicia has a new boyfriend, Nathan Fillion, who makes her feel accomplished.

Felicia Day started acting at the age of only 8, and was schooled at home. She entered the college at the age of 16, studying singing and ballet. She has a Bachelor in math, but she also graduated in violin.

After the famous TV Show, Felicia played in “Bring it on” and “June”, and now she prefers more to write and produce movies. She is the one behind the original series “The Guild”. But if you want to know more about her private life and Felicia Day boyfriend, you are unlucky. She simply doesn’t like to talk about her personal life.

Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion

Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion

If some time ago, there were rumors she is a lesbian, now, Felicia Day boyfriend proved she is straight and happy. Probably you want to know who is the Felicia Day boyfriend, but there are not many things to say about him. Even if the information was never confirmed, everybody knows that Felicia Day boyfriend is the Canadian actor Nathan Fillion. Even if there was no official announcement about it, they were seen together many times, and fans enjoyed it.

Also, after these speculations, Felicia seemed to be happier, like blooming. We cannot say if it is the Felicia Day boyfriend effect, but also her career took a better path. She is now a very successful producer from Hollywood, but not only. She proved she is a talented artist, so fans are waiting for great things from her.

If Felicia Day boyfriend is responsible for all of these, we can only advise her to keep on this way, because she found the right one. And also, when she will feel ready to talk about her love and relationship, we will definitely want to know more about it.