Hairstyles for round faces

If you have a round face, always look for a hairstyle that will hide the roundness of your face. The hair style will conceal the shape of your face and will create an illusion of having the perfect shape of the face. There are different hairstyles to choose that will suit the shape and features of your face.

A long straight hair is one of the perfect hairstyles for round faces. The longer hair can make a round face appear long. The straight hair stays flat and will not create volume, which can emphasize the roundness of the face. A long hair with choppy layers is another hairstyle for round faces. The layers should fall below the chin and should not be cut above the earlobe so that it will not create volume on the sides of the face.

For shoulder length hair, which has natural waves or curls, it is best to cut in the layers at the edge so that it will not create volume. It is also best to have the length a little longer below the chin. Hairstyles for round faces also feature a shoulder length hairstyle that has natural curls. The hairstyles will look good with side-swept bangs which can create an angle which gives the best result of a round face. An uneven cut is one of the best cuts of hairstyles for round faces that will really compliment the shape of the face.

The hairstyles for round faces are also the right hairstyle for women who have thick, coarse hair. The hair should be cut in layers around the face to get rid of its thickness.

Some Pixie hairstyles will be the best hairstyles for round face shape. The hairstyle adds lift at the top of the head, making the face appear elongated.